Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout

Secrets to be revealed here soon!

Updated on September 21, 2012.

This site is for the person who wants to become an expert fly fisherman in the least amount of time even if you have never fished before.

In my search for the ultimate fishing secrets, I have stumbled upon some information  for becoming a successful fly fisherman in the least amount of time. I am going to share it with you on this website.

This isn’t a beginners course on fishing, although I will refer you to some of the best books and sites for beginners.  A great beginners book is “Fly fishing Made Easy”  which is a manual for beginners with tips for the experienced. You can get it on  Once you get the basics down, then come back here and very soon I am going to give away the secrets to becoming the best at fly fishing for trout! That’s right, I’m going to give away these secrets.

If you have never tried fly fishing you are probably  going to need some special  fly fishing equipment, so if you are looking for fly fishing tackle, Tacklefanatics are a well established online UK store that provide these and other types of equipment as well.

I want you to learn everything you need to know, quickly and easily from this site so you can  take your fly  fishing to the highest level. Basic casting skills can be mastered in a very short time with the right information and a small amount of serious focused practice. That means to practice deeply, with focus and the  intention to succeed.

With the information I am going to post here on this website soon, at the beginning of November 2013, you will be able to go from amateur to expert fly fisherman in two weeks. You just have to apply the basics, practice deeply, and learn these secrets I am going to reveal here soon. I will be adding new secret inner pages to this site, which I will link to on the top left.

If you are you interested in discovering these PROVEN, “step-by-step” Fly Fishing methods that will significantly improve your Strike Rate – Using breakthrough Knowledge then come back to this website which I will be adding to every day with these secrets.

You will be able to catch the large ones and throw the small ones back with no more than twelve basic flies in your tackle box.
This information will change the way you fish forever.

You won’t have to spend your time learning about insects and trying to sort through all the hundreds of flies most fishermen think they need. The fly fishing industry may not like this information to be revealed because they will see that you do not need a large number of flies in your tackle box to catch the most and the largest trout available. If it is in the stream, you can have it.

This is all about trout. I have found the secret that will open your eyes to how to catch fish anytime you want. Plan on throwing back the small ones because you will catch the large ones with this information.


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